Dykstra’s Exo superyacht concept borrows the idea of exoskeletons from nature to create wide open space below decks

Defined as a yacht over 78ft (24m), superyachts are run by a professional crew and are often built to eye-watering specifications (and budgets!)

For many years, the word superyacht was synonymous with fuel-guzzling motor boats. It is refreshing, then, to see that many superyacht designers in recent years returning to sail, alongside experimenting with form and function.

From 100ft wooden yachts fitted with fully electric systems – taking advantage of advances in clean energy – to luxury day cruisers and high performance minded designs, the world of the superyacht sailing boats continues to be an innovative space.

Even fuel powered superyachts are seeing a boom in creative design and are breaking boundaries in terms of what can be done to make huge luxury cruisers environmentally friendly while providing the ease of use and aesthetics to be expected in a £multi-million yacht.

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