Helen Fretter and America's Cup designer, Thomas Tison discuss the details of the Alinghi Red Bull Racing AC75

As the sailing world eagerly counts down to the 37th America’s Cup, the spotlight in recent months has been on the cutting-edge foiling AC75s, which teams have been launching. With under 100 days remaining until the start of the competition, teams have been unveiling the design upon which they hope to win them the oldest sporting trophy in the world.

To delve into the details of the first America’s Cup boat to be launched this cycle under the slightly adjusted second generation rules, Yachting World editor Helen Fretter sat down with Thomas Tison, a distinguished Naval Architect and Yacht Designer with extensive experience in cup cycles.

Tison’s expertise offers invaluable insights into the specific design elements of the Alinghi Red Bull Racing AC75.

Alinghi’s AC75 aerodynamics

A cornerstone of Alinghi’s design philosophy is the pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency, and much of this philosophy can clearly been seen to have been influenced by Emirates Team New Zealand‘s groundbreaking concepts in the 2021 America’s Cup.

Photo: Alinghi Red Bull Racing

Notably, however, although Alinghi Red Bull Racing features the significant side pods we saw on the Kiwi boat, the Alignhi design includes strategic modifications to side pod geometry, redirecting airflow to optimise performance in ways previously unseen in America’s Cup boats.

One of the key design features of this AC75 is in the curvature of the bustle – or lack thereof – and its impact on wave interaction. This, alongside the shape of the bustle overall, highlights the team’s commitment to achieving optimal performance across the sea conditions expected in Barcelona for the 2024 America’s Cup. But also points to the team’s confidence in terms of foiling.

The collaboration between Alinghi and Red Bull Racing also brings something new, integrating insights from the all-powerful Formula One team. Tison says you can see a holistic approach to optimising speed and manoeuvrability on the water here.

In conclusion, Alinghi Red Bull Racing has emerged as a formidable contender in the America’s Cup 2024, armed with a meticulously created AC75, that seems to have drawn on the considerable aero expertise of the Red Bull partnership.

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