Pip Hare takes us through her 'sail wardrobe' ahead of the Mini Transat

Mini Diary: 2 days to go

Code Zero – 23m2 – fractional

This is again a laminate sail, made again from a laminate
containing polyester yarns.

Unlike some of the other boats I have chosen to fly this
from mid bowsprit, it is slightly smaller and a little flatter as a sail,
meaning that I can make great vmg to windward in the lighter airs, and as the
breeze starts building I can bring it out to the end of the bow sprit to use in
big airs as my downwind bullet proof chicken chute. This is probably my most
versatile sail.

A5 – 40 m2 -fractional – 0.9oz???

This is my small reaching kite, and is for designed for
reaching in medium airs and for going downhill in the bigger breeze, one step
before I start to use the code zero. I can see that when the conditions are a
little difficult or marginal and perhaps I want to get some hassle free sleep,
this would be my spinnaker of choice.

Combi – 54/65 m2 – fractional and mast head

This is the sail that has caused the fuss!

Designed to be a replacement for my big spinnaker should I
lose it; but also to be the medium spinnaker for those in between times, when I
have just too much for the big kite, or perhaps I am too tired to concentrate
on flying it.

The spinnaker was originally designed with a removable reef
which is attached to the bottom of the sail with a zip and and Velcro.

There were two tacks and two clews on each part of the sail.

For reasons which I am not going to start ranting about this
sail was approved and then disallowed by classe mini………. I’m not going to go

So now, with three days to the start it is being modified at
the OneSails loft in Levington and it will arrive back with my friends on a
plane tomorrow, with a reef that rolls and zips into the bottom of the sail. A
slightly more conventional solution.

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