Pip Hare takes us through her 'sail wardrobe' ahead of the Mini Transat

Mini Diary: 2 days to go

Mainsail – 24.5 m2

The mainsail is made from Dimension/Polyant top quality
woven polyester, with their very firm HTP coated finish, and as with my
previous main, is carrying a large head.

The principle differences between this and my previous main
have been to lift all the battens a little higher in the sail, so providing
more support for the fat head; to cut the clew of the sail a little higher to
keep the boom out of the water when I am reaching (though I have to admit the
extra head room in the cockpit when manoeuvring has made a bit of a difference
as well), but also great attention has been paid to the inboard end of the
battens to produce a system which will allow me to hoist and drop the sail
easily and will not damage the bolt rope after a long time reaching or running.

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