The biggest strength of RSX Windsurfing's Mr Nice Guy is an ability to switch on and off at will


Olympic profile: Nick Dempsey part two

Early ambitions – I was pretty focused on the Olympics when I was 18 having come 3rd at the Youth Worlds in South Africa. I won the Olympic trials in 2001.

Best/worst quality – I’d say that I am very good at being able to switch on and off when I need to. I’m also quite an affectionate person. On the downside, I can end up doing too much and not taking a break at the right time, plus I’m not always the best at communicating.

How do you relax? – I enjoy surfing, cycling, golf and photography. I also spend a lot of time
working on the house, trawling around shops and reclamation yards. But gardening is going to be my new pastime this year. Our garden is large and out of control.

What picks you up when you’re down? – Getting completely away from Olympic sailing. How? Sarah’s usually got a list of jobs!

Non-sailing ambition – No mortgage, bigger family and a career in photography.

What’s your plan ‘B’? I’ve never had one and it’s worried me for a long time. In fact, it’s the
only thing that has ever really worried me, especially as at this stage I don’t know whether I will
aim for the 2016 Games.

Sporting hero – Sarah Ayton and Lance Armstrong

Class sailed
RSX windsurfer

Life beyond boards? I’ve never been interested in conventional sailing, it’s always looked dull to me. I’ve always enjoyed windsurfing in the waves and the speed of a board. Sailing a Laser doesn’t compare for me. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind being a wind-spotter up the mast on a big boat. I like the extreme nature of that role. You’ve still got to be fit, agile and good at your job.

Secret to success
I’m good when it’s windy and also when it’s shifty and tricky. I’ve learnt over the years that you have to know when to stop. I’ve even called off trips at the last minute on the way to the airport. If I overdo it in training and out on the water, my mind and body can switch off on their own and then I’m in trouble.

Cost of an RSX – £4,500 Number of sails per season – 8

Coach – Barrie Edginton
Training partner – Elliott Carney

First class sailed – Vinta 37, Ferry Meadows Peterborough

First major success – 1998 Bronze ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship, Cape Town, RSA

Olympic track record
Bronze 2004, Mistral, Athens, Greece

Favourite sailing venue – Brazil

Favourite regatta – Princes Sophia, Palma

Favourite board – Quattro Quad 74 waveboard plus my stand up and paddle (SUP) board

Main competition
JP Tobin – New Zealand

Personal favourites
FilmLock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Band – The Beatles
BookMr Nice, Howard Marks
Non-sailing item – iPad
Current car – Volvo XC70
Dream car – Audi R8 or Porsche 911
iPhone app – eBay

iPod top 3 most played
Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
For Anyone – Beady Eye
Life is Life – Noah and the Whale

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