The 10ft X100 inflatable paddle board is currently 50% off in the Black Friday sales and is the best Black Friday paddle board deal I've seen so far

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a big fan of Decathlon. In my experience in both my work as a watersports journalist and my ‘other hobby’ skiing, Decathlon has consistently made great kit at a very reasonable price point. And this 10ft Decathlon X100 inflatable paddle board is just one such piece of kit that works well and is currently fantastically cheap, thanks to a 50% Black Friday paddle board deal direct from Decathlon.

So, should you buy this board? If you are in the market for a fairly cheap starter board, then you will be hard pushed to find anything of the same quality as this for less money. But there are a couple of points you need to bear in mind:

Firstly this is not a full package as is the case with many paddle boards, so you will need to buy a pump and paddle separately – unless you already have those, of course.

Secondly Decathlon say this is only for paddlers up to 80kg. This is the paddle board my girlfriend uses and it’s been great for her over the course of 2023. It’s fine for me too, standing at 180cm and weighing 70kg. But if you are significantly bigger than me, you might want to think about a bigger board, particularly if you want to carry any other kit onboard for longer paddles. That said, I think 90kg is a more realistic upper weight limit based on the testing I’ve done – with a fair bit of kit onboard.

Of course the smaller size does have benefits, and this board is much lighter than many of the others I’ve tested and is very easy to carry in its simple pack.

Finally, for peace of mind this board comes with a 2-year warranty from Decathlon.

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Decathlon X100 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | Save 50% at Decathlon
Was £299, now £149
I’ve tested this paddle board extensively and it’s a really good bit of kit. It’s one of the boards that gets most use in our house and my partner really likes it. In particular she finds it much easier to carry than many similar, heavier boards. This does not come with a paddle or pump, though so you will have to buy those too if you’re new to the sport.

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