In Yachting World January 2022 issue, we speak to Australian star skipper, Tom Slingsby who was recently named 2021’s sailor of the year. We get the story of Carlos Cuadrado who faced a 3,400-mile non-stop solo passage across the Pacific to get back to Australia after all all ports near him closed.

Toby Hodges tests one of the most highly anticipated cruising yachts of the year, the Halberg-Rassy 50 and we have a first look at a variety of newly announced eco-friendly yachts. Plus we take a look around Malãma, the fully crewed IMOCA 60, talk tuning your autopilot and much, much more.


New rule book is drawn up for the America’s Cup

Controversy at the finish of the RORC Middle Sea Race


Rally call 

Rally entries are booming like never before – check out our full listing of organised rallies around the world

Lucky man

Tom Slingsby is on a roll. The Australian star skipper talks to Helen Fretter about sailing at the very top of the sport

Where jungle meets the ocean

Colombia proves to be a hidden treasure for circumnavigators Max Cambell and the crew of the classic Swan 37 Elixir

Across the Pacific solo 

With all ports across the Pacific closed, Carlos Cuadrado faced a 3,400-mile non-stop solo passage home to Australia

New gear and yachts

On test: Hallberg-Rassy 50  – An ocean cruiser with ultra refined performance volume and layout… is this as good as it gets? Asks Toby Hodges

Spotlight on sustainable boatbuilding materials

New eco yachts: Flax 27, Matteo Polli Ecoracer, Olympic 32 and Spirit 30

A self tailing cleat, wireless wind meter and more innovative gear for 2022

Practical features

Special report

The Caribbean is open for cruising once more

Extraordinary boats

Malãma, the fully crewed IMOCA 60


Pip Hare on tuning your autopilot

Taking ownership 

Top advice for buying a classic yacht

5 expert tips

Dave Swete explains fast spinnaker drops