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Neel 47 at sea

One of the few cruising trimaran builders out there, Neel is really making its mark at the moment. The company is doubling in size this year, thanks to the success of the 51 last year. It has just re-skinned its popular 45 into the faster 45 Evolution and the La Rochelle-based yard has now announced a new 47, fitting snugly between the 45 and 51. Unlike its sisters, this is designed by French veteran Marc Lombard, best known 
for his Figaro II designs and work 
with Jeanneau.

Neel 47 Cocoon
The 47 borrows from the larger 51 with the strangely copyrighted ‘Cockloon’ concept, marrying cockpit and saloon living spaces through fully opening rear doors. The master cabin is carved out of the starboard corner 
of the saloon, to offer the benefit of views from the main deck. Up to four further doubles are available in the outrigger hulls.

Where the three-hull design really comes into its own is in performance terms. You get more righting moment from the broader beam, a much stiffer rig because the mast and stays are all fixed to the same monolithic centre hull, and consequently sharper performance to windward. Comfortable, fast and with styling that is guaranteed to turn heads when she hits the water in early 2019.

Price: from €398,000
Contact: Neel Trimarans

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