A straight-talking windsurfing Bronze medallist, who puts in the miles for her sport

Olympic profile: Bryony Shaw part two

Early ambitions – “I began studying architecture at Cardiff University in 2002, but decided to take the second year out as I had an opportunity to go to the Olympic trials and the 2003 Cadiz Worlds. I applied to Cardiff again and went back for another year in 2004. But then I got a call to ask me if I wanted to go full time windsurfind with funding.
This was a big decision for me. My university tutor was a huge support and said that I should grab the opportunity.”

Best/worst quality – “My best quality is being smiley and sociable. My worst is being forgetful and ditzy”

How do you relax? – “Normal stuff really, meeting friends, books and films”

What picks you up when you’re down? – “Talking things through with my boyfriend Greg, who is also windsurfer”

Non sailing ambition – “Climbing the property ladder. We’ve been doing a lot of home improvements recently”

What’s your plan ‘B’? – “To have a family” Bryony Shaw

Pet hate – Know it alls

Sporting hero – Barbara Kendall, New Zealand windsurfer

Class sailed
Women’s Windsurfer RS:X

“My training is more about keeping the routine varied. The daily routine could involve a two and a half hour cycle or I may go for a shorter run, but at higher intensity for an hour. The training regime for the Beijing Olympics was tough as there was lots of pumping in light airs. Weymouth requires greater all-round fitness”

Last day off
“During the regatta season I tend to work ten days on, three days off”

Coach – Dom TideyBryony ShawTraining partner – “I have to find foreign training partners which means I do a lot of travelling”

Cost of board and rig – £3,500
No of sails/year
– 8

First major success – January 2006, Rolex Miami OCR, Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida, USA – Gold

Olympic track record
Bronze 2008RSX,Qingdao,China

Favourite sailing venue – Buzios, Brazil

Sailing strengths – Good all-rounder, best in variety of winds

Sailing weaknesses – Upwind in a chop 

Other interests – Golf, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, shopping, partying

Personal favourites
Film – The Hangover
Band – Rihanna
BookOne Day, David Nicholls
Item – Fat Face surfboard
Current car – VW Transporter
iPhone app – Skype
iPod top 3 most played
S&M – Rihanna
Walking a Dream – Empire of the Sun
Getting Over You – David Guetta

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