With the J's racing in Falmouth and the Solent this summer, we look at what makes them so special...


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Four of these glorious, impractical, breathtaking yachts will race in the UK this summer, first in Falmouth, then in the Solent. Ranger,Velsheda, Lionheart and Rainbow will all race together in one fantastic summer of sailing.

The first regatta will be based in Falmouth,
Cornwall, hosted by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. Racing will take place in
the bay and along the coastline.
David Pitman said, “The J Class Association chose
Falmouth as a UK base for its first 2012 regatta because of the great
deep water bay, onshore support services and support from an experienced
local Club – the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. The waters around the bay
offer the opportunity of great courses for both the competitors and
spectators, who can view from the many headlands”.
“Spectators in Falmouth will be the first in the UK to
view this wonderful fleet. Four J Class yachts, Velsheda, Ranger,
Lionheart and Rainbow, each 140 feet in length, weighing around 200 tons
and with a crew of up to thirty are expecting to be ready and prepared
for racing in June 2012. Enthusiasts from around the world will be
coming to Falmouth to view the yachts and watch the racing, which will
be reported live around the world. This will be a yachting event not to
be missed!”

The Solent was the traditional home of J Class racing in the UK during
the 1930s, and this summers regatta will be hosted by the Royal Southampton Yacht Club.
The fleet will all be based together at Ocean Village
Southampton, one of the few deep water facilities in the Solent which
can berth J Class yachts, each around 140 feet overall and drawing 16
feet. The four yachts who have entered into the Falmouth regattas will compete again in the Solent. Velsheda, Ranger,
Lionheart and Rainbow, all yachts will be based in and around Ocean

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