Elaine Bunting

After restarting their Jules Verne challenge on Saturday, Bruno Peyron and his crew have already covered more than 500 miles

Intermittent steering problems force Olivier de Kersauson to turn back. It's too dangerous to continue into the Southern Ocean, he says

Rumour was transformed into fact today when Tracy Edwards finally confirmed at a press conference in London that she is planning to make a challenge for the Jules Verne Trophy…

Orange mast repair underway

The top six metres of mast will be rebuilt, but will it be in time for another start this season?

Geronimo ready for Jules Verne

Olivier de Kersauson's new mast is stepped and he's ready to leave, while Bruno Peyron is in a fight against time for a repair

Mast snaps just half an hour after Bruno Peyron's maxi-catamaran sets off on a Jules Verne bid

Yachting World Features Editor Elaine Bunting reports on her time with Mission Antarctica, the environmental flying squad that helps clear up the Antarctic: This has been my most unusual and…

EDS Atlantic Challenge leader dismasted and out, accusations of cheating hang over others, and is it now a one-horse race?

Yesterday was a difficult day for Mike Golding and the crew on board Ecover. In light winds, which came and vanished in seemingly random patches, we began the tricky part…

Read Yachting World Features Editor Elaine Bunting’s first report, filed straight from the navigation table of Mike Golding’s Ecover, during the first leg of the EDS Atlantic Challenge

In searingly hot weather in St Malo, the final preparations are being made to the seven yachts about to start Sir Chay Blyth’s new EDS Atlantic Challenge. The race for…

BT Challenge: LG FLATRON wins

Conrad Humphreys and his crew on LG FLATRON crowned their victory in the BT Global Challenge this afternoon by winning the final leg for a convincing 1st place overall. They…

BT Challenge: race for first and last

Logica, leading the BT Global Challenge fleet, manages to squeeze round the coast of Africa and extend their lead over the back of the fleet. Skipper Jeremy Troughton reports: ‘Once…

Part of Team Philips found

A chunk of the ill-fated catamaran’s accommodation pod is sighted after nearly six months adrift