Elaine Bunting

Tactical challenge ahead as Peyron’s crew chase record through the Atlantic

Nick Moloney holds on for dear life as he tries to pick the growlers out from the torrents of spray

Géronimo waits for lull

Olivier de Kersauson is waiting for the wind to subside so he can bring his big tri back alongside for modifications, but solutions aren’t simple, he says

Peyron's men are in the Southern Hemisphere 8 days after leaving Ushant, but the wind has died, leaving them virtually parked

After restarting their Jules Verne challenge on Saturday, Bruno Peyron and his crew have already covered more than 500 miles

Intermittent steering problems force Olivier de Kersauson to turn back. It's too dangerous to continue into the Southern Ocean, he says

Rumour was transformed into fact today when Tracy Edwards finally confirmed at a press conference in London that she is planning to make a challenge for the Jules Verne Trophy…

Orange mast repair underway

The top six metres of mast will be rebuilt, but will it be in time for another start this season?