Elaine Bunting

Maiden 2 speeds home

Jubilant crew arrive back in Southampton and explain how they lined up for a record with their 697-mile run in 24 hours

Storm halts Round Britain

A third of the fleet retire after severe conditions, and surprise as a 30ft cat leads over much bigger rivals

Rescue in Atlantic

Huge rescue operation airlifts two injured crew from a dismasted Swan 65

Yesterday, Mike Golding and his crew started assessing the damage to his Open 60 Ecover and began piecing together why the boat was dismasted on Friday. Initially, Golding believed the…

Elaine Bunting is on board as Mike Golding's rig comes down during the Larmor Plage Trophy

First grand prix of this season is an interesting fully crewed challenge

The rotating mast foot has cracked and the question is whether to carry on and risk dismasting or play it safe and head for the nearest port

Winds desert crew within 200 miles of the finish and they are heading instead for Antigua

Co-skippers Adrienne Cahalan and Helena Darvelid talk to Elaine Bunting from mid-Atlantic about progress on Maiden II

Peyron’s men are taking their medicine now rather than later