Elaine Bunting


Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson has clocked up 4 non-stop circumnavigations and 23 other sailing records, so why is he only now making his mark at home?


The 130ft trimaran Banque Populaire is sailing into the records as the fastest transocean vessel ever devised by mankind


Delaying race starts or finishing them early to reduce risks is a tricky path to tread. The truth is, we cherish ocean races not all will finish


The giant trimaran Banque Populaire is reeling out 700-mile days in a fearsome display of the raw power of the wind


Radical wingmasted SailRocket hits a top speed of 54 knots in this video, to one journalist’s surprise

Tom Tait

A cycling helmet saved my bacon. Could this man's invention make sailing safer?

WinchRite test

Do powered winch handles really work? We put one to the test - see our video proof

AIS display

Two close quarters brushes with ships show that AIS is useless when no-one's watching

Lynn Rival

Paul and Rachel Chandler's gripping account of captivity in Somalia is food for thought

Mini Transat

The Mini Transat is a fleet of chock full of the young and keen, and full of ingenious ideas

China Team

How China Team is making repairs after crew's capsize in America's Cup World Series practice

70s racer

As a design trend, reverse sheer has an interesting history

Jackstay 1

This jackstay arrangement strikes me as much safer than most