Elaine Bunting


Scow 1

It's small, it's robust and it looks powerful. But this 22ft round-bow boat's no looker

Goodchild and Cherry

Three up-and-coming young British sailors are about to take on the best French solo racers

Transat Jacques Vabre - Safran

Marc Guillemot allegedly sailed the wrong way up shipping lanes during Round Britain record attempt. Cynical or incompetent?

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Hitting the rain-drenched road on a totally surreal journalists’ junket

Yacht on rocks

How one couple’s yacht was wrecked in the last few metres of a transatlantic crossing

Elaine Bunting Azores

I meet the owner of this legendary Azores bar, a welcome club for generations of sailors


No wonder generations of tired and thirsty sailors have fallen in love with the Azores


Macho sailing slang and press releases with bad grammar are driving me nuts

Jeanne Socrates

Retired lecturer and grandmother Jeanne Socrates plans her third solo circumnavigation

ARC rally

The perennial success of Atlantic crossing rally contains lessons on how to make sailing immune from gloom

Ellen MacArthur

What role does mental toughness play in solo sailing and is it innate or can it be trained? A new study aims to find out


The latest hot trend in ocean racing design is the scow bow. But it's ugly and it looks as if it'd be brutal upwind