Elaine Bunting


ARC rally

The perennial success of Atlantic crossing rally contains lessons on how to make sailing immune from gloom

Ellen MacArthur

What role does mental toughness play in solo sailing and is it innate or can it be trained? A new study aims to find out


The latest hot trend in ocean racing design is the scow bow. But it's ugly and it looks as if it'd be brutal upwind

Message in a bottle

Is the 6,500 mile ocean voyage this bottle made a record journey?

Pink Gin

Readers tell us that this superstar beauty is the Marilyn Monroe of yachts

Paul Gelder

Yachting Monthly's editor Paul Gelder embarks into retirement with traditional pomp

BIC cigarette pouch

A perfect way to put out and store cigarette butts on board - if you're so inclined

Code 0

Can't decide what to buy with that £1 million bonus? Here's what we're doing with ours...

Yacht at sea

We'd like to hear from you if you've had a good or bad training course or offshore charter


We've received a sizeable package of 'female portable urinary devices'. Anything to know before our test run?

Laura Dekker

Say what you like about junior sailing records, 16-year-old circumnavigator Laura Dekker is a great role model

Spinnaker Small Isles

Plans to force UK sailors to submit online details of crew and voyage before going abroad raise many serious questions

Maxi cat 1

This forlorn hulk is all that remains of one of the greatest ocean beaters in sailing history