Yachts have been getting close views of the racing but visitor berths are only available after this weekend

Weymouth Harbour is full to visiting yachts this weekend as boats pile in for the biggest medal races, so best not to sail down here on spec. You need to be berthed here and pay harbour dues for access to the race course spectating areas.

However, there’s good news for next week.

“Beyond this weekend there are berths for all sizes up to 20m,” deputy harbourmaster Dennis George tells me. This will give you access to the spectating areas of the race course, where yachtsmen have been telling us they’ve had surprisingly good and close views.

It’s not a cheap visit, though, at £10 per metre for new customers and £5 per metre for those extending a visit. The price includes electricity and access to shore facilities.

The booking line for the harbour is T: 01305 838486, and you can pay in advance and get all the info you need sent to you.

Boat crews have been getting up close to the Nothe and Weymouth Bay west courses and have been able to shuttle between them. See the race and spectating access chart here.

An issue with the police pushing boats back further than the stipulated 50m exclusion earlier this week has been resolved, says Dennis George. “They were operating an over-zealous policy but we have settled the issue of where you can’t go,” he says.

The most popular viewing areas have been the area north of the Nothe course, where yachts have been able to gill around, and the anchorage north of a line 090° from Weymouth church spire which gives good close view of the Weymouth west course.

Asked for any other tips, the harbour master says: “There is a perception that Weymouth is so busy it’s not worth coming, but it’s not that busy. So our message is come down, whether by land or sea.”