Wimbledon has Henman Hill. Now Weymouth has Ben Nevis and similar suggestions

At Wimbledon the grassy hill where spectators gather to cheer on the British contender is known as Henman Hill.

In Weymouth, the grassy knoll at Nothe fort where the spectators in the ticketed area sit on the grass and watch the racing has been similarly rechristened.

It’s being called Ben Nevis.

As other sailors come to the fore, though, it’s not the only suggestion.

Hogh-Christensen Hill is one, folllowing the dominance of the Danish sailor Jonas Hogh-Christenseand Ben’s potential nemesis in the Finn class. Not a great ring to that, admittedly.

Yesterday, a large crowd of Irish supporters on the hill made their claim as well after Annalise Murphy’s great run of 1st places in the Laser Radial. They been dubbed Murphy’s Mount.

Any more suggestions?