Trying to repair a yacht to racing standards is a nerve-wracking experience, as these VOR case histories prove

Delta Lloyd

Understood to have suffered similar damage to Ericsson 3 and forced to head for the same safe haven in Keelung Nay in Taiwan. Delta Lloyd, the ex-ABN AMRO One suffered delamination in the bow and a cracked bulkhead.

“At the time we discovered it, we were sailing under storm jib and with three reefs in the main,” explained media crew member Sander Pluijm.

“Due to the delamination, the hull is absorbing water, which softens the bow that might break by wave slamming. That is the biggest risk now.”

Before this damage was revealed, the crew had been forced to take shelter in Salomague Harbour, Philippines with a damaged mainsail, damaged steering and damaged mast track.
She too will be shipped directly to Rio for repairs.

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