The MW40OF is an exciting new foiling design aimed at crewed offshore racing and the designers claim she will be marina friendly and fairly hassle free. Rupert Holmes reports.

History tells us that unfamiliar Argentine names in yacht design are not to be underestimated and if the drawing of the new MW40OF is anything to go by, you can see why.

The country has produced many of the world’s most successful naval architects, including Javier Soto Acebal, Juan Kouyoumdjian and three generations of the Frèrs family.

Less well known, at least to date, are Laureano Marquinez and Nahuel Wilson. They set up their own practice five years ago after working on world-class projects for both Acebal and Juan K.

Significantly, the pair are also responsible for the Persico 69F foiling monohull. Many of the lessons gained from refining that design have gone into this full-foiling 40ft offshore racer. It’s envisaged as a custom yacht that will kick start a new generation of coastal/offshore racing designs.

“We think there are many sailors who’d be enthusiastic about the idea of stepping up into foiling with fully crewed boats in long-distance races,” Marquinez explains, “particularly if the boats are manageable and sufficiently easy to make the learning curve for foiling a fun process.”

Safety and simplicity are therefore fundamental driving factors behind the concept, so the designers haven’t produced a boat capable of foiling tacks and gybes. However, it is a full-flying set-up, including T-foils on the rudders, rather than the foil-assisted set-up adopted by designs such as the Figaro 3.

Initial studies show 12 knots of true wind speed as being sufficient for take off, with 15 knots enough for upwind foiling at wide wind angles.

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It’s anticipated the MW40OF will be sailed by a crew of five, although Marquinez says it could be adapted for double-handed racing as well.

A further key requirement was for the boat to be as easy as possible to look after, bearing in mind the extra complication of the foils, and marina friendly without recourse to enormous fenders.

The foils are therefore of a circular section and can be fully retracted. This also helps minimise wetted surface when sailing in displacement mode in light airs.

When will the first MW40OF be afloat? Marquinez says they are in currently discussion with a number of potential owners and are at the stage of getting quotes for build costs.


LOA: 12.20m / 40ft 0in
Beam: 4.10m / 13ft 6in
Draught: 3.00m / 9ft 10in
Sail area: 120m2 / 1,290ft2
Displacement: 4,500kg / 9,921lb
Price: POA

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