Seldén has launched a new range of soft attachment blocks aimed principally at the small boat market. The lightweight blocks are available in three sizes

Increasingly sailors are turning to soft attachment blocks for the many positive attributes they offer. Originally they may have been seen as a weight saving bit of kit for performance purposes but their flexibility in terms of articulation and their increased breaking load both make them understandably desirable, thus these new Seldén soft attachment blocks.

It has to be said that the reduction in weight does continue to be a significant driver of sales and it is possibly for this reason that Seldén’s new lightweight soft attachment ball bearing blocks are offered in three sizes aimed at dinghies, where reducing weight is often a key to success.

Specific attention has been given in the design to create the most compact block possible, minimising play in the sheave. A ball bearing cage within the sheave spreads the loads more evenly, maximising performance and improving longevity of the block.

Ideal for upgrading and refining dinghy cascade systems, kickers and mainsheet and jib control systems, the Seldén soft attachment block is also perfect for those looking to reduce weight and improve style.

The blocks offer greater articulation, and have a higher breaking load than the products they replace. Sheaves range from 20-40mm to suit ropes from 6mm-10mm diameter. Both double and single-sheave options are available, while safe working load ratings vary from 100-250kg

Seldén soft attachment block prices

S20 (20mm) with a SWL of 100kg and a max. line size of 6mm – RRP £12.22
S30 (30mm) with a SWL of 200kg and a max. line size of 8mm – RRP £17.46
S40 (40mm) with a SWL of 250kg and a max. line size of 10mm – RRP £24.45

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