Lymington based A+T’s ATP2 processor and full ethernet networking enables a boat’s entire electronics to be connected via an ultrafast ethernet network.

A+T’s ATP2 processor allows for full ethernet networking using a single wire linking all sensors and displays. This cable also supplies 12V power to low draw items such as sensors.

A+T’s processor suite, along with full ethernet connection, can be installed and integrated into many existing hi-spec systems as well as complete systems for new builds or major refits.

Further advantages are that there’s no limitation to the number of displays that can be networked, and even large yachts have no practical limit on the length of cable.

If you are running a yacht reliant on high tech systems, it is easy to become overwhelmed with a sea of cables and electronics.  A+T’s system seeks to simplify all of this.

Corrosion is always something to take into account when salt is added to the occasion, particularly when we’re talking about electronics and A+T’s ATP2 mitigates that problem as much as possible with extra care taken to waterproof the unit.

In today’s world of bluetooth and wireless connectivity a simple cable is still the most reliable way of sending and receiving data.

With the electronic demands we see now on modern yachts, the connection between electronic systems and sensors on board is only just behind the connection from helm to rudder.

A+T’s systems aren’t cheap and won’t be useful for every situation but a boat that needs quick and accurate readings displayed anywhere aboard may find A+T’s Full ethernet networking to be the right choice.

Price: From £6,300

Buy A+T’s ATP2 processor from A+T Instruments

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