Long-distance cruising special: Next month we bring you a 26-page special...

  • Long-distance cruising special
    Next month we bring you a 26-page special feature on some of the vital aspects of long-distance sailing.
    Like soldiers, sailors march on their stomachs, never more so than when out of sight of land when the next meal assumes epic proportions. We look at nutrition, provisioning for long distance sailing and, when the fresh food runs out, how to fish for the pot. Some can catch them, others can?t and we bring you a game fishing champion?s tips on how to make sure that yours is not the one that got away.

  • Downtime:
    a rude awakening for many offshore cruisers is just how much time needs to be spent on routine ? as well as unexpected ? maintenance, the time you spend with your head buried in the bilge when it should be enjoying the scenery. Or does it? We talk to several Europe-bound crews in the Azores about the realities of keeping the ship running.

  • Nutrition.
    ?The physiological condition of the Volvo Ocean Race crews at the end of a leg of the round the world epic was worse than a road accident victim.? So says a nutritionist who studied some crews and their diets during the last race. She comes up with recommendations for all long-distance sailors.

  • Sea survival.
    We have a real life account of an incredible survival at sea after a yacht capsized when her keel fell off and look at survival courses for yachtsmen

  • Plus: it?s show time again so we bring you the best of what?s new at Southampton International Boat Show, which runs from 12 ? 21 September