FREE: America’s Cup Virtual Spectator...

  • FREE: America?s Cup Virtual Spectator CD ROM*
    Virtual Spectator, the special software that allows you to follow yacht racing in real time, cut its teeth in the last America?s Cup. Since then it has been adapted for top events like the Volvo Ocean Race and Vendée Globe. Now the latest version is being prepared for the Louis Vuitton and America?s Cups which run from October through to March next year.
    The free disk with September Yachting World is a unique commemorative rerun of the last America?s Cup races complete with all race data, plus interactive rules and match racing tactics.
    And to back this up we bring you Yachting World?s guide to understanding match racing ? superficially a simple two-boat race but in reality an aggressive game of waterborne chess
    *At the time of going to press this offer was subject to final confirmation

  • New series: Ocean Ready
    If you think you are opting for the simple life when you leave the shore behind and go cruising for a year or longer, you might have to think again. The equipment fitted to a boat to make life easier and more comfortable inevitably creates its own work.
    This major new series looks at the realities of long-term cruising. We find out what works and what does not, what skills are necessary, how crews cope with relationships in a confined space and many more related topics.
    But the difference with this series is that we are researching it by talking to the people who are out there, doing it now.

  • Plus A trio of Swedes ? we sail the Malö 41, Hallberg-Rassy 43 and Sweden Yachts 42; What?s new at Southampton ? a guide to new boats and gear plus Show plans.