Heroes of the South...

Heroes of the South

While three round the world fleets battle it out in the ever more crowded Southern Ocean, we celebrate some of the remarkable voyages that have taken place in the world’s most remote waters. From the 1930s, when Alan Villiers brought back dramatic photographs from on board the last of the great trading clippers to the present day round the world dashes we bring you tales of the early Whitbreads, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s first solo non stop circumnavigation and Isabelle Autissier’s two ill-fated voyages south. And former BT Challenge skipper and meteorologist Chris Tibbs tells us what is so special about this desolate wilderness, where even race hardened veterans speak with awe about the raw forces of Nature

Wellington, the hard way

Also from the deep south, Yachting World writer Tim Thomas reports from New Zealand after a bruising windward leg around Cape Horn and across the southern seas on board Norwich Union in the BT Global Challenge