Million-mile gear test...

  • Million-mile gear test
    For the fourth year running we?ll be bringing you the results of our exclusive ARC equipment trials, the most extensive marine gear field testing in the world. With well over 200 yachts each covering around 5,000 miles between leaving Northern Europe and arriving in the Caribbean, the ARC offers a unique opportunity to see how the most important people of all, the end users rate the equipment on their boats. Part 1 next month with Part 2 in the July issue

  • Iron Maiden
    Tracy Edwards, who put women?s sailing firmly on the map with her successful Maiden campaign in the 1989-90 Whitbread, is speeding back into the limelight with her Maiden II project, an attempt on several sailing records culminating in the Jules Verne Trophy next winter in the maxi-cat originally launched as Club Med, winner of The Race. Elaine Bunting finds out what motivates her to break into the big time again and take on Ellen MacArthur head to head

  • They also serve
    For every sailor in an America?s Cup campaign there is an army supporting them ashore, the cooks and bottlewashers, sailmakers and boatbuilders, doctors and physios, trainers and psychologists. Matthew Sheahan peeks behind the scenes and into the well-guarded and secret world of an America?s Cup shore base