The last decade has seen a major revolution in communications ashore...

  • Are you receiving me, over?
    The last decade has seen a major revolution in communications ashore and afloat, especially the latter. No longer was long distance communication the sole domain of ionospheric tilt, power hungry radio transmitters and endless attempts to get through to Portishead Radio. Today you can talk clearly and economically on a satellite mobile phone and, using the same equipment, access weather information and send and receive e-mail. But the choices are still far from clear. In the latest feature in the Ocean Ready series we look at the options and assess just how effective, easy to use and flexible they are.

  • And in the black corner?
    The jargon is confusing. America?s Cup design experts are reporting that the latest generation of ACC boats are ?in the same corner of the box?. What does it mean? And why are they all so narrow, with knuckled bows, 80 per cent ballast ratio, huge rigs and long, long overhangs? Matthew Sheahan, in Auckland for the duration, delves into the mysteries and finer points of AC design.

  • Cuban archipelago
    Cuba is one of the world?s most intriguing charter destinations, a huge cruising ground where you can sail for days without seeing another yacht in countless mouth-watering locations. David Glenn reports from an island still trapped in another era, but keen to welcome visiting yachtsmen