America's Cup challengers show their paces...

  • America?s Cup challengers show their paces
    The Road to the America?s Cup Regatta, held in Auckland in February, will give the first real indication of the relative speed of the challengers. Find out how GBR Challenge fares against some of the older America?s Cup hands

  • Classics detectives
    They lie in backwaters, mud berths and saltings all over the world, discarded rotting old hulks, some derelict, some hiding their original lines behind houseboat conversions. And some of these will be real gems, classics of their time, destined for an inglorious end. From his boatyard in Penpol, Cornwall, Brian Pope scours the creeks for yesterday?s beauties with an eye for those that are
    fit for restoration

  • The bluewater dream ? myth or reality?
    How many of us sit and dream that we might one day sell up our home and chattels and embrace the lotus-eating life of the bluewater cruiser? But how many actually achieve that dream? In a completely new survey, Jimmy Cornell visits every popular ocean cruising crossroad in the world to find out ? with some surprising results