Find out what's in our January issue

For the record
Judging by the rate that sailing records have been falling for the last year (see
page 66) you’d think there were no new challenges left to face except the
ridiculous. Think again.

Even though it has been attempted in the past, one major record remains there
for the taking – the westabout non-stop female solo record. And now not one, but
two attempts have been announced. First from the quayside in late-November will be Dee Caffari, only just back from skipper ing Imagine it.D one in the Global Challenge and who will be sailing one of the Challenge boats. But how will she manage a boat designed for a c rew of 18? Elaine Bunting steps aboard Aviva to find out how it – and Caffari – is shaping up for the challenges ahead.

The glamour parade
Think big boats, think classic boats and think St Tropez and you’ve a heady mix of the beautiful and the exotic. Add in a yacht race and you have a unique annual event, Les Voiles de St Tropez. David Glenn was there to report on the scene, pick up the gossip and sail on the latest Wally 94 Open Season and the classic Mariquita.

What to do after Christmas
Apart from a Caribbean charter or possibly a sly week or two on the slopes, the event high on every yachtsman’s agenda has to be the London Boat Show at Excel, which starts on 6 January. We bring you a full preview of the new boats and the tempting gear on show.

Chartering in Croatia, dockside from the start of the Volvo Ocean Race and we test-sail latest launches from Hanse and silver and black Westerly reincarnation, the GK35, launched at the Southampton Boat Show.