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From the Editor
Fear of the sea is a healthy condition which leads to greater respect for the elements, but it can becoming debilitating

On the Wind
UK owners lose red diesel concession; tall ship Tenacious rescues seven in the Atlantic; Plymouth hit by storms; Paul Cayard joins the Spanish America’s Cup team

WIN! Musto gear worth £1,000
Musto’s new HPX foulweather gear and boots to be won

Losing their bottle on the Milk Run
Last year’s ARC was the most ‘perfect’ yet, great tradewinds, downwind sailing, so why did two yachts end up cast adrift, two lose their rigs and sailors experience mental problems?

The Walrus
What’s in a ship’s blog? Anything you like!

All hail to the UK Olympic squad; but is it too late already for a British America’s Cup team?

Robin Knox-Johnston
Sir Robin takes a dip in the Southern Ocean, when a fishing net is caught around the keel of his Open 60

Inflatable battens, widescreen chartplotting, revolutionary deck shoes, comfortable lifejacket

Have you got PBO?
It’s the latest technology for rigging and racers and cruisers alike are opting for the benefits of light weight, but extraordinary strength. David Pugh investigates

Leading Edge
From the wacky world of speed sailing comes the Monofoil, a scary creation that its designers believe could do 100 knots

Lifting keel lake sailer; STP65 – a grown-up TP52; Ed Burnett timber schooner takes shape

On test: London belles
We test-sail six of the new boats from London
Boat Show to give you the lowdown on their performance while you check out the interiors

Wow what a Wally!
The first of a new generation of supercruisers from the Italian builders Wally is the sexiest superyacht yet. David Glenn steps aboard the 143ft Esense

All in a day’s work
Last year over 40,000 people went sailing with Sunsail on corporate days out, many of them for the first time. It all brings new recruits to our sport

The have-a-go club
Meanwhile, out in Turkey, Sunsail’s beach clubs have a new venue which is attracting holiday makers who want to get serious about sailing

Practical cruising
Preparation. Is it possible to prepare a boat in under a year to sail across the Atlantic? Andrew Roberts talks to three people who did just that and offers some practical tips for getting ready for the ARC

Kiwis give hero’s welcome to solo voyager Donna Lange; Chagos’s expensive deterrent; Moonraker to sail again. Plus: How to get blogging and share your cruise online

Great Seamanship
Atlantic dash. Onboard account from the 1920s of the schooners Elena and Atlantic in a race for the King’s Cup from New York to Spain

Who says the British are not present at the 32nd America’s Cup? – in all there are 62 Brits involved in 11 different teams. Plus: Shaun Carkeek talks about his company’s design successes

Inside Alinghi
The America’s Cup Defender trials in Dubai, while boat number 4, SUI100, is building in Switzerland

Going for Gold
The British Olympic team follows the American model of offering cash bonuses for winning medals. And it seems to work!, says Andy Rice

The J Class movement steps up a gear, as Dutch naval architect André Hoek has four clients on his books for a new J. Hoek also has a giant schooner measuring over 200ft on his board

Yachts for sale

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One Amazing Day
Artist and solo sailor Lia Ditton describes the terror and beauty of sailing in a storm