Australia wins the Admiral's Cup in a last-race climax...

  • From the Editor
    The importance of good nutrition for sailors has been known for years; however, the scourge of the modern yachtsman is not scurvy but stress

  • On the Wind
    Australia wins the Admiral?s Cup in a last-race climax, collision with a container sinks a French racing yacht, Firefly returns from her 10,000-mile cruise and the British National Sailing Academy wins funding. Plus reports on the Swan European Regatta and the Farr 40 Worlds

  • Andrew Preece
    IMS is encouraging type-forming of the worst type, says Andrew

  • Letters to the Editor
    A home-made solution to man overboard for single-handed sailors, how to spot the poison in reef fish and the lamentable change in cruising habits

  • Leading Edge
    Modern dinghies can do it so why not keelboats? Matthew Sheahan reports on designer Jo Richards?s plans to draw a boat that planes upwind

  • Dogwatch
    John Passmore is planning to sue. Whatever will he write about now someone has invented a foolproof spinnaker?

  • Ocean Ready Special
    A 27-page feature on aspects of long-distance sailing:

  • Provisioning
    Stocking up a boat for long-term cruising can seem a daunting problem, but it?s really a matter of commonsense and a little basic maths, say Brian Savage and Colleen Ryan

  • Fishing
    Who better to consult about catching your supper while cruising than champion sportfisherman Vincent Clerice who landed a 900lb marlin?

  • Nutrition
    Crews returning from the last Volvo Ocean Race were physiologically in as bad a state as a road accident victim, says nutrition specialist Juliet Wilson. She suggests ways of altering sailors? diet to help combat the effects of long-term stress

  • Maintenance
    Apart from the culture shock of cutting ties with the land and setting off into the blue, the biggest surprise in store for long-term cruisers is the amount of sheer hard work needed to keep the boat running

  • Survival
    Just days after her début at the Hamilton Island Race Week off Australia?s Great Barrier Reef, the racing yacht Excalibur lost her keel and capsized, hurling her six delivery crew into the water. Only two survived. One of them, John Rogers, a keen diver, gives his own view of why he survived and offers his advice on personal safety preparations

  • Survival course
    Tim Thomas samples the Challenge Business Offshore Safety Course, designed to help yachtsmen prepare for offshore sailing

  • Robin Knox-Johnston
    The art of anchoring has changed little since the time of the Romans

  • Cruising Log
    A study by the RYA reveals that statistics given for boating accidents are grossly exaggerated, a British sailor completes a ten-year single-handed voyage on a 21ft bilge keeler and we have a special report on the problems of obtaining insurance for long-distance cruising

  • Letter from South East Asia
    Brian Savage and Colleen Ryan spend Christmas in Thailand and have some advice for coping with that country?s draconian immigration rules

  • Southampton Show preview
    As ever the boat show season kicks off with a visit to Mayflower Park, where organisers have some new features to tempt visitors. Mike Kopman previews the best of the new boats and gear on show

  • The undiscovered country
    When a place is dismissed by guide books as ?empty and dull?, Phyllis Nickel often finds it means it is unspoilt and intriguing. That was certainly true of the remote north coast of Norway from Tromsø to the Russian border

  • What?s New
    Tough new sailing boots from Dubarry, a smart set of wheels in the guise of two superior folding bikes, stylish gear from Musto and Helly Hansen and an interactive radar training aid tested

  • New Yachts
    Special feature on Freya, a Bill Dixon-designed classic-looking cruising yacht with a lifting keel, plus a mini series from Southern Wind and the Jutson 60 with sliding cockpit roof

  • On test: Mid-forties
    The so-called ?performance cruiser? is becoming increasingly popular and builders are now keen to advertise the cruiser-racer qualities of their boats. We sample four performance mid-40-footers: the Wauquiez Centurion 45, Dufour 44, X-43 and Poncin 44

  • SuperSail news
    GL Watson and Co reintroduce the M-Class, once a testbed for the Js and now revitalised for IRC competition

  • Swan 100RS
    Tim Thomas went to the new Nautor?s Swan factory for an exclusive first sail on this Finnish beauty and to check out the facilities which are helping this famous yard edge into custom building territory

  • Yachts for sale
    1000s of yachts for sale in our brokerage pages

  • Classified ads
    From charts to charter, pumps to properties in our classified pages

  • Ellen MacArthur
    The life of a single-handed ocean racer is certainly not lonely ? for most of the time you are part of a dedicated team, says Ellen