Peter de Savary plans British America’s Cup 2006 challenge...

  • From the Editor
    Some agencies believe legislation will make sailing safer. Not so ? rules erode personal responsibility, and if that goes, so does seamanship

  • On the wind
    Peter de Savary plans British America?s Cup 2006 challenge; OneWorld?s design cheating ? the fallout continues; an early look at Peter Harrison?s new 115ft Farr; after winning the Finn Europeans, is there anything Ben Ainslie can?t do?; Orange pipped; Musto-Yachting World cruising awards

  • Preece comment
    OneWorld has been docked a point for having Team New Zealand design secrets ? is the price of cheating really so low when the stakes are so high?

  • Letters to the Editor
    Search and rescue as seen from the skies, the stability of cruising catamarans and the sad state of our maritime heritage

  • Leading Edge
    Matthew Sheahan isn?t the only one complaining of middle-age spread ? the earth is developing a paunch, too, and that?s bad news for racing sailors

  • Dogwatch
    Those dinghy demons can really leave you screaming, ?Oh, rollocks!?

  • America?s Cup preview
    Two years after Team New Zealand held the famous ewer aloft (again), the teams for the 31st America?s Cup are under starter?s orders, and after some noisy exchanges about cash-rich syndicates poaching crew or the theft of secrets, now it is only race results that will do the talking

  • GBR: Great British Runners-up?
    Are Britain?s GBR Challenge the new boys on the block or just a bunch of young guns with Olympic metalwork and a few high-profile names?

  • Can the Kiwis keep the Cup?
    Many of the former winning crew jumped ship, the Kiwis? secrets are out and Tom Schnackenberg is having sleepless nights ? in anticipation

  • Bending the rules
    Some people call it cheating, others call it ?gamesmanship?. Either way, it?s been the one constant factor of the Cup?s 151-year history

  • Team talking
    No team has had it plain sailing with crew or boats. Andrew Preece looks at the history and players of each and rates their chances

  • Rule of the tycoons
    Who are the turbo-capitalists funding the top teams and what do they hope to get out of bidding for the Auld Mug? Tim Jeffery investigates

  • Feartown: wish you were here?
    How many ways are there to defy death? Quite a few in Kiwi adrenalin capital Queenstown, and Matthew Sheahan doesn?t fancy any of them

  • Route to victory
    Our at-a-glance guide to race schedules, courses and those flukey winds

  • Countdown to the Cup
    Public attention in the City of Sails is caught by two former Team New Zealand boats that are providing a taste of the hurly of Cup racing

  • Cruising Log
    The poetry of the pilot book, ARC passage-makers give the nod to production yachts and two systems for cheaper e-mail afloat

  • Letter from the Great Lakes
    Tony Collingridge finds idylls and anchorages among the Great Lakes

  • Robin Knox-Johnston
    The girls can give the boys a run for their money in solo, transocean racing100 Ocean Ready
    In the second of our series on preparing for a long-term cruise, we talk kit and conundrums aboard three very different boats: a traditional 40-footer; a solid Westerly Oceanlord; and a home from home cruising cat

  • Cowes, Cork and Commodores?
    Andy Rice reports on some combative racing at summer?s Big Three ? Ford Cork Week, Skandia Life Cowes Week and the Rolex Commodores? Cup

  • Alone against the elements
    In mid-September, 14 solo sailors embark on one of the toughest races on earth ? Around Alone. Elaine Bunting salutes the hopefuls

  • What?s new
    Emergency grab-bags, cutting edge knife technology, mid-layer clothes for chilly night watches and a look through some sunnies for sailing

  • New yachts
    A Merfyn Owen/Allen Clarke-designed, Open 60-style 65-footer, with a canting and lifting keel, but for family cruising? David Glenn is intrigued

  • On test: Gib?Sea 41, Finngulf 41
    Two 41-footers, two different niches ? the Gib?Sea is intended as a relatively cheap family cruiser, the Finngulf as a slippy cruiser-racer ? and Tim Thomas discovers that both hit their targets rather nicely

  • SuperSail
    If (horror of horrors) New Zealand cannot hold on to the America?s Cup in March 2003, can the super-growth in its superyacht industry be sustained? David Glenn reports from Auckland

  • Next month in Yachting World
    We test the revolutionary yacht Distancia and a 60ft adventure-cruiser

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    1000s of yachts for sale in our brokerage pages

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    Seasonal bargains in our classified pages

  • Ellen MacArthur
    Pottering in a dinghy can be just as much fun as blasting on an ocean flyer