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Editor’s comment
What’s in a name?

T-Apping into technology
Marine ‘apps’ are transforming the iPhone into a handy gadget for sailors. We test some great – and cheap – applications

Leading Edge
Should powered winches be allowed in racing?

Getting into the Spirit 52; Goetz back from brink with a Frers G58; all-carbon lake flyer

On test: Dragonfly 28
Family cruiser with a buzz. This versatile folding trimaran has hidden depths

Crunch time for Cowes?
With no overall sponsor, tough times ashore and an indifferent forecast, this was always going to be a difficult year for Cowes Week. We were there in force to sample the highlights of a Week that proved resilient

Fastnet? Take the Hoover!
A little housework off the Lizard and a wash and brush up for the crew before the finish – is this the Fastnet Race? But they do things differently aboard the 100ft Liara II

Alaska – the great escape
Ice walls, whales, otters, grizzly bears – Tom Zydler found an abundance of wildlife and majestic vistas off the Alaskan coast

Abandoned yacht causes confusion in the Atlantic; who would you call a friend? MCA Code explained; new series of on-board manoeuvres – 1. going aloft

Great Seamanship
Call of the North. Alvah Simon is torn between prudence and adventure off the north-west coast of Greenland

Performance World
Star struck – Matthew Sheahan finds out why top sailors love the heavy, difficult to handle Star class; Rule 15 – when a yacht acquires right of way: ProFile: Nigel King

Fine dining aboard the Wally 100 Indio; Maltese Falcon is sold for a reported US$60m; Swan’s Kjell Vesto joins Oyster

One Amazing Day
Mike Slade knocks off spots with Leopard