The day after Boxing Day, a delivery crew set off from the Atlantic coast of France...

  • From the Editor
    A ship making 27 knots down the Channel in thick fog? It?s high time there were guidelines on speed in restricted visibility

  • On the wind
    The day after Boxing Day, a delivery crew set off from the Atlantic coast of France in a 50-footer. Five hours later they turned back in severe weather, but the boat capsized just a mile from port and the young skipper was lost. We report on this story, sail with Ellen MacArthur on her new 75ft tri and bring you news from the London boat show

  • The big Orange
    Bruno Peyron?s new 120ft monster cat is said to be capable of sailing 700 miles in a day. As he prepares to set off on a round the world record attempt, Elaine Bunting describes what it?s like to sail this new-generation maxi-cat and talks to Peyron about the future of the class

  • Andrew Preece
    The Jules Verne is in jeopardy! Two out of three attempts at the round the world record this year might not sign up for the Jules Verne itself

  • Letters to the Editor
    People get very attached to their anchors, so we were not surprised to receive different views on our ?Ultimate anchor test? published in January

  • Leading Edge
    Looking ahead ? our Technical Editor investigates a new sonar system designed to spot underwater obstacles 1,500m in front of your bow

  • European Yacht of the Year
    After a comprehensive process involving 11 of Europe?s top yachting maagazines, 60 nominated boats and sailing trials of a final shortlist of 15, the European Yacht of the Year was announced at Düsseldorf boat show. We highlight the top yacht in each of four categories

  • Run down in fog ? the lessons
    It is nine months since the Moody 47 Wahkuna was run down by a ship in thick fog in the Channel. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch has now published its report on the incident, and finds it was a clear case of radar-assisted collision. Elaine Bunting reports

  • Robin Knox-Johnston
    Many will have had their first taste of sailing on a Montagu Whaler

  • Cruising Log
    Scots gear up for the sailing season, the 75th anniversary of designers Sparkman & Stephens, dengue fever in the West Indies, plus a special report on GSM phones in the Caribbean

  • Letter from the Caribbean
    Fort de France, Spice Island and fun events for Easter

  • Slow boat to Brazil
    Lynda Morrison and her partner Rob Beales head for the Caribbean via the scenic route. But winds in the Atlantic are unco-operative so they make their first stop the dramatic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha before going on to mainland Brazil

  • Ocean Ready: tools and spares
    All agree that long-term cruisers must be self-sufficient with the spares and tools they carry, but what exactly should you take without loading the boat to the gunwales? Experienced cruisers Brian Savage and Colleen Ryan investigate

  • Laser guidance
    So you thought you knew how to sail a Laser? David Glenn heads for Menorca to sample a specialist dinghy training holiday

  • ExCeL-lent!
    The first Schroders London Boat Show to be held in ExCeL in London?s Docklands was a resounding success, with record numbers of visitors. Mike Kopman and the editorial team report on the new boats and gear that caught their eye at the revamped exhibition

  • Düsseldorf Boat Show
    Meanwhile, Matthew Sheahan was scouring the numerous halls of Europe?s No 1 Show, Boot 2004 in Germany

  • On test: Kay Cottee 56
    Kay Cottee is a heroine in her native Australia for becoming the first woman to sail round the world non-stop single-handed back in the 1980s. Matthew Sheahan met her in Sydney and sailed this long-distance cruising boat inspired by her and bearing her name

  • On test: Hallberg-Rassy 37
    Shortlisted for the European Yacht of the Year, the Hallberg-Rassy 37 is a worthy replacement for the popular 36

  • SuperSail News
    In-depth report on 154ft Scheherazade, a gorgeous traditional-looking cruiser built using modern technology by Hodgdon Yachts of Maine

  • Tall order
    Creating and stepping the 300ft mast for the giant yacht Mirabella V was an awesome task for her designers and builders. Matthew Sheahan discusses the problems involved in building and handling a rig that weighs as much as six Bénéteau 40.7s strapped together!

  • Yachts for sale
    1000s of yachts for sale in our brokerage pages

  • Classified ads
    Spring bargains in our classified pages

  • Ellen MacArthur
    It?s love at first sight for Ellen and her newly launched B&Q trimaran