Tracy Edwards and her Qatar sponsorship deal angers...

  • From the Editor
    Congratulations to Tracy Edwards on netting a £38 million sponsorship deal. A great fillip to the sport, but is there enough sponsorship money out there to cover all the events looking for it?

  • On the wind
    Tracy Edwards and her Qatar sponsorship deal angers The Race organiser Bruno Peyron; we visit the Australian yard where Ellen MacArthur?s new beast takes shape; giant Mirabella V ready to launch; traditional duels at the Voiles de St Tropez; Minis make it to Brazil

  • The Atlantic in 6 days
    How the awesome 140ft Mari-Cha IV smashed the transatlantic record and, in the process, became the first monohull to break the 500-mile day barrier just weeks after her launch

  • Andrew Preece
    Spare a thought for Bruno Peyron, organiser of The Race, whose contribution to the world of ocean racing has been second to none

  • Letters to the Editor
    Correspondents join in on the fast-track Yachtmaster debate; warnings about the entrance to Dunbar and some ?Barr talk?

  • Leading Edge
    Canting keels are getting designers excited in grand-prix racing circles, but will this new take on ?swinging the lead? catch on among the smaller boats in the fleet?

  • Dogwatch
    The last post ? after ten years John Passmore sings his swansong as the writer of this much-loved column42 2003 ? a golden year
    Yachting World?s review of the year ? from America?s Cup to Azores cruise, a first Fastnet to the last pint of Guinness, this is the unexpectedly memorable year of 2003 as seen through our pages

  • Robin Knox-Johnston
    After the pleasure of planning and building your own boat, the next best thing is to oversee the creation of a fleet of new boats for others to sail. Sir Robin describes the commissioning of the new Clipper fleet

  • Cruising Log
    A French sailor achieves a spectacular first ? completing the North East and North West Passages in consecutive seasons. Plus a peep inside cruisers? grab bags to see what they consider vital in an emergency

  • Letter from the Caribbean
    We welcome back Chris Doyle, pilot book author and Caribbean specialist, for six months of hot tips for cruising the islands

  • Ocean Ready: Firefly?s Atlantic circuit
    Yachting World?s Editor Andrew Bray describes how he completed a two-year, 10,000-mile cruise in his yacht Firefly, while still holding down a full-time job. How did he work it? How much did it cost? His top tip: budget for ?a lot? on air fares

  • The Beautiful Game
    … And it seems your yacht has to be beautiful if you are to have any hope of racing on the Mediterranean Spirit of Tradition circuit. David Glenn reports from the Med?s top regatta, Les Voiles de St Tropez, on the battles owners must fight to find a coveted place among the classics

  • Britain?s golden goose
    Britain has high hopes of repeating her Sydney Olympic success in Athens, but there are rumblings of discontent among other competing nations, who question the Brits? funding advantage. Andy Rice reports from the ISAF World Championships in Cadiz where Team GBR members argue that talent and good planning are the secrets of success

  • What?s New
    LED technology for longer-lasting nav lights, a furling system designed especially for asymmetric sails and chart plotting for dummies. Plus a wealth of bright ideas for Christmas gifts. And talking of bright ideas, see our product review of personal torches for yachtsmen

  • The show goes on at Annapolis
    Despite major flooding from Hurricane Isabel, the US Sailboat Show at Annapolis was open for business. We review the latest US boats and gear

  • On test: Shipman 50
    A carbon cruiser? This exciting new design from J&J in Slovenia blows away many myths about building with the black stuff

  • European Yacht of the Year
    The first batch of yachts under consideration for this new award were put through their paces off Southampton

  • Wally raise the stakes
    Two 94-footers from innovative Wally Yachts demonstrate very different approaches to the creation of large easy to handle sailing yachts. David Glenn sails both of them at St Tropez and Alan Harper reports on another Wally innovation, a 60-knot space age powerboat . . .

  • SuperSail News
    Daphne Morgan Barnicoat charts the collisions and cancellations that frustrated owners during the late season Mediterranean classic regattas

  • Yachts for sale
    1000s of yachts for sale in our brokerage pages

  • Classified ads
    Bargains for the festive season in our classified pages

  • Ellen MacArthur
    Ellen in the Outback ? further from the sea than she has ever been before