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FASTNET 79 – the disaster unfolds

From the Editor
The legacy of the 79 Fastnet was a huge improvement in safety across the sport

FASTNET 79 – the disaster that changed sailing
It was the worst disaster in ocean racing history – 24 boats were abandoned, a total of 21 people died. In our 28-page special
feature we look back 30 years to the storm that struck 303 yachts in the Fastnet Race . . .

The rescue effort
Minute by minute account of the rescue effort and illustration of the craft involved

Life and death decision – 5 minutes that changed my life forever
The personal tragedy of Yachting World’s Technical Editor Matthew Sheahan who, at 17, was sailing the 30ft Grimalkin

Why was the storm so devastating?
Met man Chris Tibbs examines the charts

Facing the fallout
Alan Green tells the story of the Inquiry

Could it happen again?
The repercussions of the disaster and how equipment, communications and SAR techniques have changed

Leading Edge
Is GPS going down? Should we worry?

The cost of saving a life; piracy, what piracy?

The height of technology back in 1979

Robin Knox-Johnston
The frustrations and responsibilities of solo sailing and the pleasure of being alone at sea

Broadband for smaller yachts; folding bike for salty sailors; Musto light gear tested

130ft Spirit of Tradition from S&S; new Rogers 82; the fiery Pendragon

On test: Bavaria 55 Cruiser
Fresh thinking by the German production giant creates a radical new flagship

How to go it alone
The OSTAR returns to its roots as the Royal Western YC encourages amateurs back into the single-handed transatlantic race. You could do it in your boat, says Elaine Bunting

Classic round the Horn
An adventurous owner takes his precious 1904 wooden gaff cutter Merrymaid round Cape Horn and into the Chilean Channels

The old storm tactics are still the best, says Hal Roth in his last book; to sea in a lollipop boat; local knowledge for the Morbihan

Great Seamanship
The first Fastnet in 1925 on the cutter Fulmar

Performance World Cowes Special
With no corporate sponsor this year, will Cowes Week still hold its magic? We ask CEO Stuart Quarrie. Plus: insider’s guide to Solent sea breezes; how to deal with two different fleets meeting at a mark; boathandling tips for sportsboats; Pace Notes for 2009 Fastnet

Dutch builders fight the recession – just

Yachts for sale

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One Amazing Day
A great 1993 Fastnet with Eddie Warden Owen