The Month in view - we look back at the key stories of the month...

  • From the Editor
    Francis Joyon didn?t just shave the round the world solo record, he took an axe to it. How many other sports have records broken by such margins?
  • On the wind
    The Month in view ? we look back at the key stories of the month.
    Plus: Ben Ainslie wins the Finn Gold Cup for the third time, David Scully reports from on board Cheyenne during her circumnavigation and we introduce a new column, ?From the Pulpit?
  • Year of the Open 60s
    This year the world?s élite solo racers will be doing battle in two major events, the single-handed Transat and the Vendée Globe. Elaine Bunting looks at some of the latest Open 60 designs to rise to the challenge
  • Andrew Preece
    Why are there so many big racing boats that just want to chase line honours?
  • Letters to the Editor
    Reactions to the ?radar-assisted collision? of a Moody 47 and a container ship and weighty arguments in favour of the Bruce anchor
  • Robin Knox-Johnston
    Robin takes a tug up the Thames in memory of the Dunkirk Little Ships
  • Leading Edge
    An Auckland designer believes he has some answers to the problem of successfully combining a sail and power boat40 Joyon ? can this record be beaten?
    Francis Joyon smashed the solo round the world record by a breathtaking 20 days, sailing an old multihull which he prepared himself. Edward Gorman looks at his incredible voyage and asks whether the Frenchman has eclipsed his rivals for years to come
  • Ellen?s world
    One who is after Joyon?s record is Ellen MacArthur who was in Auckland conducting sailing trials on her new 75ft trimaran B&Q Castorama. Matthew Sheahan went sailing with her and found the tri
    a bit of a beast to handle
  • L?Extraterrestre
    This is what Yves Parlier?s fellow countrymen call him after their offshore hero performed feats and created projects that seem out of this world. His latest is an extraordinary catamaran designed to sail at over 40 knots, with two wingmasts set on the two hulls. Sounds familiar? Matthew Sheahan finds out this beast is nothing like Team Philips
  • Cruising Log
    From epic voyages of the speedy kind to those in the fortitude corner. One such is Roslin Forrest who hopes to become the youngest woman to circumnavigate alone. Then there are epic cruises that attract medals and a dilemma for a yachtsman who finds asylum seekers at sea in a raft
  • Letter from the Caribbean
    Union Island gets a makeover and one man builds an island of shells
  • Big cat for charter
    As catamarans become increasingly popular for charter in the Caribbean, Andrew Bray takes a new 61ft luxury model from the Moorings for a spin around the British Virgin Islands
  • Ocean Ready: radar without blips
    As we reported last month, the collision between a Moody 47 and a container ship last year was put down by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch to ?radar-assisted collision?. Radar is a great collision avoidance tool but only if you know how to use it properly. Mike Kopman and Robert Avis offer some guidance
  • Denmark?s wild west
    Detlef Jens dodges the storms and waits for the breaks along the notoriously unpredictable Jutish coast of Denmark
  • What?s New
    A lifejacket for the larger sailor, a portable gas leak detector, batteries that can charge at 500A, a forward-looking sonar, a handheld colour chart plotter and a magnetic oil filter, and more
  • Digital cameras get tough
    We test some of the rugged new breed of digital cameras designed to cope with sea, salt and sand
  • New Yachts
    Two cruising yachts from Kees van de Stadt, the Seastream 650 launched, two New Zealand cruisers and the new X-37 and X-50
  • On test: Sun Fast 35
    Matthew Sheahan compares this new offering from Jeanneau with other mid-30-footers from Bavaria, Dehler and Elan
  • SuperSail News
    VT admit mistakes over Mirabella V, the Oyster 82 is shown at Düsseldorf and big yachts line up for the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge
  • The 7,000hp sailing yacht
    When the wind dies, the owner of the uniquely styled 154ft MITseaAH fires up his twin 3,500hp engines, retracts the keel, telescopes the mast and blasts off at 25 knots . . . David Glenn reports
  • Yachts for sale
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  • Ellen MacArthur
    As she continues test sailing her new 75ft trimaran, Ellen reflects on Francis Joyon?s solo round the world achievement