Whether you're sad or glad that the America's Cup...

  • From the Editor
    Whether you?re sad or glad that the America?s Cup has drawn to a close there?s no other sailing event on earth to match the levels of athleticism, flawless sailing and the game of three-dimensional chess played out in a match race

  • Swiss precision
    It was an early 1, 2, 3 for Alinghi as they got off to a flying start in the America?s Cup, followed by a week of no racing due to too little or too much wind. And then they started racing again . . . Matthew Sheahan reports on an action-packed and dramatic grand finale

  • Countdown to the Cup
    Unsavoury duels for the moral high ground have been a murky feature of the Kiwi versus Kiwi America?s Cup match

  • On the Wind
    Fire devastates Dutch yards, Russian Roulette in the Southern Ocean with the Around Alone fleet, Matthew Sheahan on five months? Cup watching, UK teams show interest in the new look Volvo, and a tribute to Barry Bucknell, designer of the Mirror dinghy

  • Winner takes all
    What happens when the America?s Cup is won? Peter Rusch explains the responsibilities and the extraordinary rights bestowed upon the holder

  • All for nothing
    For Yachting World columnist Andrew Preece, Kingfisher 2?s dismasting meant the end of a dream and the start of an endurance test in coping with the cold, lonely days immediately after their world fell apart in the Southern Ocean

  • Letters
    America?s Cup venues, Blond(e) seeks big ?uns and a question that baffles science which has had the postbag overflowing

  • Leading Edge: black rod
    The weight-saving properties of carbon fibre rigging are amazing at 70
    per cent, but there are some rather less attractive issues about impact resistance and abrasion

  • Dogwatch
    Bridgemanship is a like a game of chicken ? when do you decide to bail out as you approach that bridge which is surely about to open?

  • The agony and the ecstasy
    As Ellen MacArthur and her crestfallen crew wallowed helplessly in the middle of the Southern Ocean without a mast, Olivier de Kersauson strode on up the Atlantic heading for glory. Elaine Bunting tells the story and Andrew Preece reports direct from a dejected Kingfisher 2

  • Robin Knox-Johnston
    Some 10,000 containers a year go missing from ships but yachts are more likely to suffer bad damage by hitting a whale

  • Cruising Log
    Man overboard and two sinkings in the Caribbean, Bluewater Medal winner. Cyprus taxes and a last chance to take part in ARC Europe

  • Letter from the Chilean channels
    Beth Leonard and Evans Starzinger take a detailed look at the Beagle Channel and describe a visit to the calving face of a glacier

  • Bay watching
    Taking a break from the rigours of the America?s Cup in Auckland, Matt Sheahan and family headed north for the Bay of Islands and a spot of R&R, but he had trouble tracking down the fabled sealife

  • Beauty and the beach
    Just what you need after a hard day?s dinghy sailing in the sun ? a back massage, foot massage, manicure and something called the Japanese Silk Eye Zone ? at least it was for Sue Pelling, who reports from Greece

  • Ocean Ready: power management
    Electrical expert James Hartop explains how to plan, measure and monitor electrical systems and starts with an electrical audit for a typical cruising yacht

  • Cape crusaders
    Cape Town stands at one of the great ocean crossroads. Now its indigenous boatbuilding industry is trying to find a bigger foothold on the world stage. Tim Thomas reports on the likelihood of success

  • What?s new
    Three new products from Ocean Safety, new Sebago shoes, Miniflares, two new RIBs from Suzuki and a very unusual all-weather spinnaker

  • New yachts
    The new Swan 75 cruising boat, Marten 67 series production boat by Reichel Pugh, three Mini Transat boats for Israel, Bavaria?s very sporty looking Match 37, restoring Argyll and Swarbrick?s 115ft day boat

  • Düsseldorf Show report
    From the biggest show on earth, Tim Thomas reports on the Nordship 43, latest Contest, Dehler 47, Salona 45 and a cat from South Africa

  • Boat Test: Bavaria 49
    Can you believe it ? a 50-footer for £118,000? Having reread the price tag, Tim Thomas travelled to the Solent to find out just how much yacht you get for the money

  • The billion dollar side show
    While the world waited for the America?s Cup match to start in Auckland, 50 of the world?s biggest and most outrageous yachts battled it out in the Hauraki Gulf for the Millennium Cup. David Glenn reports from the deck of the winning yacht

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  • Ellen MacArthur
    Before disaster struck in the Southern Ocean Ellen describes how difficult it was for Kingfisher 2 to extricate herself from the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe it was an omen?