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  • From the Editor
    Cancelled due to lack of interest. How can the Admiral?s Cup set yachtsmen?s pulses racing again?
  • On the Wind
    RECORDS New outright world sailing speed record of 48.7 knots, new women?s record of 41.25 knots and
    new 24hr record of 530.19 miles set in the Southern Ocean; driving licences for sailors in Sweden; Tom
    Schnackenberg goes to court over his firing from Team NZ; an Antarctic tragedy highlights safety
    concerns in the ?last great wilderness?. Plus a chance to WIN a two-day trip on a Sunsail boat during
    Skandia Cowes Week
  • Mongoose
    Volvo goes to Hollywood? The Mongoose uncovers plans to send stars to sea ? but only if they can ship a
    ?Hollywood bed? and freshly cut flowers . . .
  • Letters
    Comparing racing multihull speeds between Orange, B&Q and others; the benefits of a riding sail; J Class
    spectacle at the Antigua Classic Regatta
  • Robin Knox-Johnston
    In which Robin unveils his summer cruise plans


    A look at TopClimber mast climbing gear for solo sailors. Plus: kiddie?s oilies, an
    easy-stow awning and the ?doc? in your pocket
  • Leading Edge
    Whatever happened to the paperless office? It could be a step closer with the invention of reusable
    electronic paper, says our Tech Ed
  • Yachts
    Hot designers Botin & Carkeek turn their attention to performance cruising boats; we look at a pretty
    36ft classic weekender; canned yachting from Mylius; and Farr?s 41ft IRC design
  • On test: Moody 49/Jeanneau S/O 49DS
    Have new building arrangements hit the mark for Moody?s attractive all-new 49 or have Jeanneau
    scored again with their tweaked 49-footer? Same length, similar in style but a lot of differences
  • The Great Atlantic Gear Test
    Once again our popular survey of boats? equipment in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers sorts the ?musthaves?
    from the ?don?t bothers? among common marine gear, from watermakers to windvane pilots
  • Rogue waves: fact or fantasy?
    100ft waves looming up in the open ocean and swallowing ships and yachts seemed to be the stuff
    of fiction, but sophisticated satellite measurement techniques now show that such waves exist ? and
    they?re much more common than we?d thought. Chris Tibbs explains, plus . . .
  • Wave out of the blue
    First hand account of a yacht?s devastating encounter with a rogue wave in the notorious
    Agulhas Current off the coast of South Africa
  • The Southern Ocean Hardship Club
    Since the first Global Challenge back in 1992, 50 Challenge yachts have now successfully sailed from
    Cape Horn to Cape Town upwind through the unforgiving Southern Ocean. But it certainly hasn?t
    been easy, and this year?s race is no exception. Elaine Bunting meets the exhausted crews who faced high
    winds on the nose and monstrous waves for 38 days
  • Platinum Class: 2 days of luxury
    David Glenn gives in to temptation when offered a chance to sample Sunsail?s exclusive Platinum Class
    Privilege 65 charter catamaran in Antigua
  • Maximus in extremis
    The 100ft Maximus is the latest of the new supermaxis to hit the water in Auckland. Matthew
    Sheahan joined her early trials when this potent speed machine was making 12 knots in 8 knots true
  • Cruising
    A chilling story of armed pirates who opened fire on two yachts off the Yemen coast; official report into
    reality TV yacht?s grounding last year; Ireland considers breath tests for sailors
  • Great Seamanship
    Tom Cunliffe salutes the gritty Lancashire wit that aviator-turned-sailor Win Brown brought to her
    baptism of fire ? or should that be rum? ? in the Arctic in her book Duffers on the Deep
  • Racing
    The Admiral?s Cup is cancelled for a second time in four years. Is there any way back for this regatta once
    dubbed the ?de facto world championship of ocean racing?? Plus Coutts and Bertarelli bury the hatchet
    and Brits star in Olympic classes in Palma
  • Inside Track
    Andrew Preece?s take on the demise of the AC
  • SuperSail
    The radical new canting-keel, canting-mast 115-footer Maiden Hong Kong is potentially the fastest boat in
    Asia, despite a few blips with the new technologies
  • Yachts for sale
    1,000s of boats in our Brokerage pages, 155 Classified Ads
    Yachts for sale or rent, schools and sits vac
  • Last word
    World record holder Bruno Peyron speaks out