Get the lowdown on what's in our August 2005 issue out now

  • From the Editor

    There’s something very appealing about going back to basics with a new daysailer

  • On the Wind

    Damning survey finds Bavaria Match 42 yachts unseaworthy after a keel was
    lost and a crew member died in Croatia; mystery sinking off Scotland; Quarter
    Ton Cup revival; Ellen returns to the Open 60s; a trimmer’s arm is caught
    in a winch; and why every crew needs a Wombat

  • The Walrus

    Our latest columnist talks of shoes and ships and sealing wax – among many
    more up to the minute issues – as he holds a looking glass to the idiosyncrasies
    of the yachting world

  • The Original and the best?

    The OSTAR is back, full of eccentric Corinthian flavour, as the Original Single-handed
    TransAtlantic Race. We meet some of the participants and find out why one
    competitor is painting her boat with heat-reactive paint and what you can
    do with half a crown

  • Letters

    Is the round the world record 70days or 50? The average yachtsman is getting
    confused; why coverage of the Global Challenge is a refreshing antidote to
    football .heroes’; staple advice on medical matters

  • Robin Knox-Johnston

    Robin is captivated by the Dunkirk Little Ships on the 65th anniversary re-enactment

  • Gear

    Automatic radio check, super-slick cleats, fully battened sail adaptors, plus:
    .Sailing by numbers’, a special review of Silva’s Sail Performance software,
    an integrated system all for free

  • Leading Edge

    Visionarry is a proa but unlike any other asymmetric boat you’ve seen before.
    Our Tech Ed explains why Rob Denny appears to have designed only half a boat

  • Yachts

    Steel appeal for long-keeled cruising with the Fairwind 46; Polish trailer-sailer;
    have your own S and S boat built; new Friendship

  • On test: dayboats

    Halcyon days are back. Matthew Sheahan notes the dayboat revival in Europe
    and tests two brand new examples, the RS Elite and Tofinou 9.2, against the
    old favourites on which they are based

  • Raising the Barr

    The Rolex Transatlantic Challenge gave superyachts of varying types the opportunity
    to have a crack at the record held by Charlie Barr, set back in 1905. The
    140ft record-breaker Mari-Cha IV was in the running and David Glenn sailed
    aboard her round the IOW

  • African passion

    Team Shosholoza burst upon the America.s Cup scene last year in a blaze of
    enthusiasm. Mike Kopman went to Cape Town to find out whether the boys from
    the Izivunguvungu yacht club will have the expertise or the backing to go
    the distance

  • Return to the swatchways

    When Bermudian John Harries first sailed on England.s East Coast it was at
    the age of 11 in the company of Peter and Anne Pye. The experience left him
    longing to come back some day and so he did in his own boat, and found it
    a magical experience

  • Lulworth . last of the Big Five

    The gorgeous Lulworth is the sole survivor of the big yachts, Britannia among
    them, that dominated UK racing in the 1920s. David Glenn visited Italy where
    the 120ft sloop is undergoing an impressive refit

  • Cruising

    New boat for Arctic adventurer; a lucky escape for British family as their
    yacht is crushed by a ferry in Greece; after the tsunami . Ed and Helen Muesch
    sail on after their terrifying experience

  • Great Seamanship

    Pulling together – four young naval officers have their boat washed ashore
    in the Bahamas in 1933. With no mechanical assistance available, they set
    about organising the locals to help get them off

  • Racing

    Neal McDonald is to skipper the VOR70 Ericsson; the canting-keeled Big Grin
    is launched for Mike Browne and Matthew Sheahan sails the first TransPac 52
    to be built in the UK to find out what all the fuss is about

  • Talking Cowes

    The organisers are expecting over 1,000 boats at this year’s Skandia Cowes
    Week. We look at the winds and the tides, talk to experienced race officers
    on the Platform and look at how to deal with protests to help you get the
    best out of the regatta

  • SuperSail

    Nautor’s Swan Custom division is primed to build yachts up to 165ft and we
    hunt for some of the most interesting big boys. toys at the SEAS exhibition
    140 Yachts for sale 1,000s of boats in our Brokerage pages

  • Classified Ads

    Summer bargains in our classified pages

  • Last word

    Torben Grael, Olympic champion and skipper of the Volvo Ocean Race boat Brasil
    1, speaks out