The publication of the Sydney-Hobart Inquiry report plus e-mail on board.

On Sale 5 August 1999

  • Cowes in camera

    For 110 years the Beken family have been chronicling Cowes Week from behind the lens and have assembled a unique photographic record of the event. To celebrate this year’s Skandia Life Cowes Week, we present a selection of pictures, from the sublime to the spectacular

  • Plus

    The Maxis are back – a world class fleet of ILC 70s assembles at Cowes; the Maxi ODs are coming – all eight of this 80ft one-design class will be racing. And, of course, Yachting World’s guide to what’s happening at Cowes, both on and off the water

  • Trysails – an outmoded concept?

    The publication of the Sydney-Hobart Inquiry report (which we will report on in detail next month) has focused attention on storm sails, trysails in particular. They evolved at a time when mainsail fabrics were more delicate than modern cloths so were used to preserve the main in heavy weather. So are they still relevant today?
    We investigate

  • e-mail on board

    e-mail is revolutionising life afloat. In the second of our two-part feature, experienced cruisers describe how they chose their system and how it works. Plus: Matt Sheahan’s guide to e-mailing with a Psion 5 and a mobile phone