What is it? For temporarily blocking a through-hull fitting – or plugging a small hole.
Contact: www.seabung.com

Product Overview

Overall rating:


  • • Simple to use
  • • Flexible enough to be pushed through a seacock
  • • A useful safety item


  • • Expensive for a piece of plastic


Seabung review

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Sometimes products come along that make you question why no one has thought of them before. And that was definitely my first impression when I got hold of a Seabung to test. It is simple to use, and while very expensive for a small amount of plastic, the savings compared to lifting your boat make it worth considering for some.

You may well have heard of this product before if you watch the venture capitalist TV programme Dragons’ Den, on which Seabung won investment. [During that programme the founding father and son, John and Sam Ford, showed the coverage Yachting World had given them in the New Gear March 2014 as proof of potential of Seabung.]

The Seabung has various uses, such as replacing seacocks, logs/sensors or simply for carrying onboard as a safety bung. While I would not be comfortable carrying only this and no wooden bungs, I did find it useful when I had problems with my speed sensor.

Throughout one day I removed the sensor from its through-hull fitting and replaced it numerous times – and the Seabung worked just as advertised. The polyurethane dome is flexible enough to be pushed through a seacock using the plastic stem, before reforming its circular shape. External water pressure then seals it to the hull. www.seabung.com

Tested by Henry Bomby


It is expensive for what it is, but it is well worth having as part of your spares kit on board if you have the means.