What’s it for? To slip over any drinking vessel to prevent spills. Tested by Toby Hodges

Product Overview

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  • • Can be used on virtually any drinking vessel
  • • Can be used for cold or hot drinks
  • • Can use with a straw


SafeSip drinking cap

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This SafeSip cap allows you to use virtually any drinking vessel without fear of spillage. The UK-made reusable silicone cap stretches over cups, glasses and cans to keep liquids in and everything else out.

It can be used for cold or hot drinks and is even elastic enough to fit over your pint. If you want to leave it on while drinking, a double vent system allows for a straw.
Perfect for taking drinks in the cockpit, the SafeSip has also proved the perfect remedy for transporting kids’ drinks mess-free anywhere.

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I’m even appreciating the ability to slip one over a normal cup of tea to take away in the car with me.

Small wonder SafeSip’s creator won the Female British Inventor of the Year Award for 2014.

Contact: www.safe-sip.com


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