Who’s it for? The ultimate versatile jacket, on board or ashore, multi-season for male or female sailors. Contact: www.hellyhansen.com

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  • • temperature control technology means it can regulate body temperature
  • • extremely comfortable
  • • stylish and attracts compliments


  • • comparatively bulky compared with today's minimalist garments
  • • waterproof, but not up to full dowsings


Helly Hansen Crew H2Flow Jacket


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Cut the fat to bare operating efficiency – that’s the motto of today, in business, lifestyle or sport. We are all increasingly overworked and need to streamline wherever possible. The same applies to our sailing gear. The majority of us can’t afford different garments to suit the seasons.

So what if you would like one waterproof jacket for the majority of occasions? Surely it would be too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer?

That’s where skiing and temperature control technology may be able to help. Helly Hansen’s H2Flow combines an insulation layer, an airflow venting system, and a protective waterproof breathable barrier into its jackets.

It sounds like marketing hype, but having used the jacket consistently for nearly two years now, I can testify to its performance.

“The jacket is 20 per cent more efficient at regulating body temperature than standard sailing jackets,” says Helly Hansen.

Inside the waterproof, windproof and breathable jacket is a mesh liner which has 2in wide vertical ‘stringers’ running down it that serve to insulate and help maintain airflow inside the jacket. These also make it extremely comfortable.

The one slight downside is that it is a comparatively bulky garment compared with today’s minimalist offerings, but it remains stylish and attracts compliments.

The jacket is waterproof, but not one for full green water dousings. Features I particularly like are the peaked hood, comfortable fleece collar and internal pocket. www.hellyhansen.com

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It is the only jacket I have worn comfortably throughout both summer and winter.