Mike Sanderson, skipper of ABN AMRO 1, chatting last night about the final few hours of the VOR Leg 1

Today was one of the most pleasant days of sailing that we have had here on ABN AMRO ONE on leg one of the Volvo Ocean race, 20 knots of wind. Big gennakers up and just flying along, with just 324 miles to go it should have been all stress free. However, we have been dealt a very unfortunate weather forecast for our approach in to Cape Town that has seen us lose big miles to the boats behind us and will continue to see us in most of the time 5 knots less wind and at times as much as 10!

So yet again we are going to have them all smoke in on us… but I am a firm believer that what comes around will go around, even though we have seen a big lead get eaten away at by just having a weather wall in front of us, I am sure that by the end of this eight-month long regatta it will all average out, and yet again it will be the people that have the fastest, best prepared, best sailed boat that will win the Volvo Ocean Race.

I have to believe that lady luck will even it out. However, for now, we have to watch out for ‘The Kids’ as we call the guys on board ABN AMRO TWO and they have to watch out for Brasil 1. The position reports are going to be very exciting over the next 24 hours, we will see people giving up miles just to try and stay in-between their competitors and the finish.

It’s time to get in. The freeze dried isn’t getting eaten as it should be, and there is even Beef Jerky left in the food bags at the end of the day! By this time tomorrow leg one should be decided.

Mike Sanderson