Bouwe Bekking with the latest news VOR news from the front of the VOR fleet aboard movistar

Date and time4 January 04:31

Position37 57.26S/23 24.22E

The last 12 hours it has been like living inside a washing machine, bashing and smashing into the waves. The breeze is still on the nose, and we “love” it , NO we hate it. We are dreaming of nice downwind sail. So nowhere pleasant, on deck wet, and downstairs very noisy. But sooner or later things will change for the good. But the guys are in good spirit.

Eating is a struggle, plenty of leftovers, but at least the intake of
fluids is good.

Stu Bannatyne is counting the hours and waiting to hear if he gets another baby girl or a finally a boy. Better a boy otherwise he gets badly outnumbered. Hugs and kisses to our loved ones.