Bouwe Bekking with the latest from the VOR racetrack

As we are reaching with a masthead tightluff sail, I can spend a bit of time downstairs doing this job, as there is not much to do on deck, than working the mainsail and getting soaking wet.

It is always a bit of a struggle to find something to write about. At least in the last race, when you were able to get online, you always found some topics to talk about. But right now we do not even know what is happening in the world, the only thing we know is that the world is still turning, and that the sun will come up in about two hours. It is actually one of real nice things of this race. Back home the only thing you see and hear are disasters and wars being fought. It is like a soap opera, you can can leave for weeks, and when you come back still the same stories.

This evening was one of these days what makes you realise how fortunate we are. A clear sky, 15 knots of breeze, not to cold and two Albatrosses playing around the boat. Unbelievable close they flew in front of the boat, then swirling out to the side and flying close over us at the stern, just missing the backstay. It was like if they knew we enjoyed it their company.

So far haven’t seen to many whales, they might be already further south, so the ice waypoint not only keep us away from the icebergs.

The damage against the leaders has stopped, and even that we sail a little further north than the opposition and with a fraction less wind, we gained the last three scheds on the Pirates substantially. Paul must not be a happy camper right now, losing out against the black ABN boat. If Paul is on a roll he is difficult to beat, so we better start putting the pressure on him. Deficit to the Pirates 56.5 miles, still a heck of a lot, but luckily still plenty of miles to go. What about the ‘kids’ on ABN. The big surprise of this race for me, not only nice guys, but they are very handy yachties and putting in a solid performance .

The alarm just went off, have to wake up Capey (Andrew Cape) so we can go over the new weather forecast, it looks like becoming very tricky in three days time, with a small high pressure-system building in our path. Breeze is slowly building, we are having 18 knots, and looking to ING Real Estate Brunel roughly 100 miles behind us, they are bringing up more pressure. Now it will be a matter of hanging as long as possible on to this front, to make some good mileage

Bouwe Bekking