Team ABN AMRO Two to race next Monday's VOR inport race in Portsmouth 25/5/06

Sébastien Josse, Skipper of ABN AMRO Two announced today that the crew will take part in the Portsmouth inport race on Monday 29 May.

Participation in the race has been thrown into doubt following the loss of the crew’s teammate, Hans Horrevoets, who died in a tragic accident during the New York to Portsmouth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race last week.

Josse commented: “We are all keen to go on – we know that it is what Hans would have wanted and the first step is to get back out on the water for the in port race. Of course it will not be easy but the whole team has decided to go sailing on Monday and we will be doing it for Hans. Gerd Jan [Poortman] will be on board and Coxy [Neil Cox] will also join us as the 11th man. We have not yet made a decision on the rest of the race, that will be made next week after the in port race.”

The decision came after an emotional press conference in Portsmouth on Tuesday when the crew explained how the incident happened, their memories of Hans and also the dramatic rescue of the movistar crew who were forced to abandon their boat. However, no decision has been made regarding participation in the next leg of the race which starts in Portsmouth on 2 June and races to Rotterdam.

In Tuesday’s press conference Team ABN AMRO Technical Sailing Director, Roy Heiner(see photo)said: “The decision to carry on in this race is entirely down to Seb and the crew and they are under no pressure from Team ABN AMRO to make that decision yet. Whatever they do, Team ABN AMRO will support them. ”

The team will meet up again in Portsmouth on Sunday 28 May to prepare for the inport race following the funeral of Hans Horrevoets in Holland on Saturday 27 .