Simon Fisher with the latest from the deep south aboard ABN AMRO 2

Hi there,

Another good day for us here on ABN AMRO TWO, we have finally got the Pirates boat back in our sights and we have been reeling them in all morning. However, just as they were getting big enough that we could see the logos on their sails the fog descended upon us and we lost them from view. We will have to wait now until the next sched to see if we have continued to gain on them now. It’s back to the old routine of watching the clock eagerly waiting to see how the last six hours efforts have gone.

The weather is now getting more and more like the Southern Ocean we read about, as well as the thick fog the temperature is now dropping steadily. You can now see your breath when you are sitting downstairs in the boat forcing us to take refuge deep within our thick sleeping bags in order to remain warm in our bunks.

With the sea temperature dropping below 10 degrees now we are also seeing an assortment of wetsuit hats, gloves and balaclavas appearing from people’s gear bags in order to shield ourselves from the elements on deck. The spray that constantly comes across the deck now sends a shiver down the spine when you get it full in the face. It’s hard to think that yesterday someone was driving with their shirt off!

The Albatrosses that this part of the world is famous for are now in abundance too. They circle and swoop past the boat at regular intervals checking us out. Their massive wingspan makes them look like B52 bombers flying around the boat. No matter how many come past they continue to be an awesome sight of which we haven’t tired. George (Peet) has taken to making a noise that he describes as the albatross mating call (being a biologist he might be telling the truth) but as yet I don’t think he has much luck and they continue to swoop by undisturbed!

Cheers for now,

Si Fi. (Simon Fisher) – Navigator