Susie Hobday has the ride of her life! 09/08/07

Susie Hobday has the ride of her life!

Susie Hobday has been a familiar figure at Skandia Cowes Week for many years. As Kit Hobday’s wife she was a mother to both her own children and the young talented sailors that sailed on Kit Hobday’s Farr 52, Bear of Britain.

Skandia Cowes Week is a difficult time for her, after the death of Kit Hobday last June but she had the ride of her life today on the Extreme 40 JP Morgan Asset Management. spoke to a deliriously happy Susie, after she had been flying across the waves.

“I have just been out with my son-in-law, CJ, on the Extreme 40, wasn’t that the most exciting thing to do on Ladies Day? The boys were brave enough to give me the helm and I did manage to fly a hull and I have the photos to prove it!”

“Kit was my best friend and I really miss him, it was very hard for me at the start of the week but Kitty was never a whinging pom and I feel like he is on my shoulder, telling me to get out there and enjoy myself. What was even more special about Ladies Day today, was that I went out on the Extreme 40 with some of the past and present Bear of Britain crew; like Freddie Carr who has gone on to great things such as the America’s Cup.”

Photos: Derek Bonfield

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