A new service, this year giving sports massage at Shepherds Wharf

Skandia Cowes Week-Easing the aches and pains

Many of the thousands of people at Skandia Cowes Week will be feeling the aches and pains of sailing and perhaps partying a little harder than usual. Sports Massage Services offer a friendly and professional service in Sport & Remedial Massage in Shepherds Wharf , giving deep massage, soft tissue manipulation and exercise advice.

Peta Stuart-Hunt is head of Public Relations at Skandia Cowes Week; a stressful job, involving many hours at the computer or on the phone, Peta took a quick break at the end of a busy week and commented after her treatment;

“It is a very professional service and I would recommend it to all of the competitors at Skandia Cowes Week, I had a deep tissue massage from Steph Brandt who was trained at the London School of Sports Massage, I spend a lot of time working at my lap top computer, I was advised on changing my posture and also that I have tennis elbow which needs further treatment. I firmly believe that many of the competitors would benefit greatly from this service, it is a fantastic way to invigorate the body and also the soul.”

Sports Massage Services is owned by Helen Brown who commented;

“We work at a variety of events and on an individual basis. One of our biggest clients is the RYA and we are very familiar with sailing related injuries. We plan to expand and would love to have several facilities at the next Skandia Cowes Week. Our aim is to help each client maximize the potential of their body in order that they can perform to their best, in work, in sport or at rest.”

Photo: Mike Crawford-Hicks

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